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Srinagar: It is truer to say that martyrs create faith more than faith creates martyr Well such an example for the whole Kashmir is BILAL AHMAD DAR, S/O BASHIR AHMAD DAR. A person who was great lover of humanity, charity, great helper of poor and orphan ones.

I didn’t know what to say or what to write about the great person and his activities which he did for his society. But our loved ones didn’t remain with us for long. Very unfortunately on 12th SEPTEMBER 2016, as situations in were badly disturbed and critical. It was a day before EID-UL-AZHA or i can say ARFAH. FROM 8TH JULY to SEPTEMBER KASHMIR remain close due to bloodshed and death of innocent lives. On 12TH SEPTEMBER at evening around 8:00 on my elder went to market to buy some necessary things as the next day was EID.

When he went to market near SHEER BAGH (ISLAMABAD) suddenly a grenade blast occur and my brother was present in the related area and was unfortunately caught by the incident, was badly injured, he was brought to the DISTRICT HOSPITAL ISLAMABAD. Where he used to work as a lab technician and on that day he was present on the hospital in order to do his duty.

Not bearing the pain of deep injuries, he was reported as DEAD……………..A moment were everything shattered. His relatives, neighbours we’re totally disturbed and full of pain, crying……….. Come out on the roads as they lost their sense. He left away, with so much pain, restlessness among us forever. His MOTHER and FATHER totally lost their senses when the dead body of their son was in front of them. His wife nearly (33-37) years old was completely shattered, even couldn’t understand is my husband really no more. The two innocent and childish DAUGHTER’S JANNAT-UL-ASRA and AYAT-UL-KUBRA of age 8 and 6 respectively were moving here and there. They couldn’t understand why people are coming to their home, why crying.

They were looking at every one’s face not able to understand the situation. Innocent eyes seeking the way how their father will come back from market with various things. But they didn’t know their loving father was gone forever and ever.

Life of these lives we’re shattered badly with a pain that will last forever. It is a severe and deep pain that will remain with us ever. I couldn’t forget my brother for a single day. But what can we do only one thing to believe the painful truth of life. Today two years has passed but for me not even a single day when I didn’t miss my brother, It was my feelings which i wanted to share with you…….my to my feeling.

One thing you can do my friends. Please pray for my brother so that his soul and body will rest in heaven.

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