After gang-rape of goat in Haryana, cow raped in Madhya Pradesh

Rajgarh: Barely some days after an incident of eight men gang-raping a goat was reported from Haryana, another man has allegedly raped a cow in Madhya Pradesh.

The alleged incident occurred in the suburb of Suthalia of Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh and the suspect is an aged man.

A local businessman was returning home Friday night when he saw Chhote Khan with pyjama down assaulting the cow sexually near the temple of Lord Rama in Ward No. 6. The businessman, Mahesh Agrawal, says he hurled abuses at Khan and reported what he had seen to some young people whom he found at some distance.

In the morning, the news spread like wildfire. By 2:30 PM on Saturday, people assembled at the main bus stand of the suburb and blocked the movement of vehicular traffic in the area. The police arrived in some time and, following a lot of persuasion and assurance of action, cleared the road of all demonstrators.

The police have arrested Khan and taken him to custody. They have registered a case against the suspect under Sections 295 and 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). (Agencies)

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