Mirwaiz grieves over elderly man’s killing Condemns ban on IRF

  • Latest News, Published on: Thursday 17th November 16 - 9:18pm

Srinagar: Hurriyat (M) Chairman, Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar Farooq on Thursday expressed grief over the killing of Khawaja Ghulam Muhammad Khan, an elderly man from Elahi Bagh Buchpora, who was critically injured in teargas shelling by the government forces few days back and strongly condemned the state for such ‘barbarity’.
Mirwaiz said Kashmiris of all ages infants children young or old are on the radar of the state for elimination and no distinction is made when it comes to killing them.
As the Hurriyat (M) Chairman continues to be under house arrest, a delegation of Hurriyat leaders comprising Mushtaq Ahmad Sofi, Sahil Ahmad War, Shakeel Ahmad visited the bereaved family and conveyed the deep sympathy and condolences of the Mirwaiz.
Mirwaiz, who also heads the Mutahida Majlis Ulema, strongly denounced the ban on Islamic Research Foundation run by renowned Islamic scholar, Dr Zakir Nayak. Mirwaiz said the great contribution of IRF in spreading and promoting Islamic teachings is well known. “It is seen as a great threat by Hindutva brigade. To ban such organizations is in keeping with their agenda of persecuting Muslims and targeting their institutions,” Mirwaiz said.
Meanwhile expressing concern over the safety of Kashmiri students, traders, businessmen and others outside the state, Hurriyat (M) spokesman said the mysterious killing of Aurangzeb, a student of Rajouri at a college in Pathankote, a lone son of his parents, was extremely sad and worrisome and demanded a high-level and impartial probe into his killing.
Hurriyat (M) said that peaceful protests and marches were not allowed by the state by imposing severe restrictions and ban on public gatherings, night raids, ransacking of residences and arrests of residents by government forces in Dooru Bandipora, Kreeri Baramulla, Sozeith Budgam and said such incidents were only aimed at breaking the will of the freedom-loving people.