Resistance leadership concerned about 'pathetic' conditions of jails

  • State, Published on: Friday 11th November 16 - 10:25am

"Inmates are degraded, humiliated and debouched repeatedly"


Srinagar: While seriously concerned about the pathetic conditions of jails in and outside the state Joint resistance leadership Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik has said that the way, prisoners are treated rather ill treated in various jails, interrogation centers and police stations, has surpassed all the limits of the human and legal sphere. They termed it the revengeful and biased behavior of jails authorities.
In a statement issued to Global Kashmir, resistance leadership said that these inmates are subjected to the worst physical torture where their body hair are forcibly plucked out, they are abused and beaten to pulp by using every repressive technique to force them to subjugation.
They said that the inmates are degraded, humiliated and debouched repeatedly which puts them under severe psychological and mental stress, effecting their physical wellbeing as well and if somebody takes ill they are denied medical treatment as happened recently in District jail Baramulla where prisoners called for help as one of their inmates suffering from severe and excruciating abdominal pain. Jail authorities, instead of arranging some medical help for the ailing prisoner, called in more police personnel to silence them all with their military might and started beating them ruthlessly, injuring dozens and fracturing the arm of a 78 year old Gh. Mustufa.
These helpless prisoners fought this bestiality and vandalism by putting only themselves to more trouble by observing hunger strike for many days. Giving details of various jails Pro-freedom leadership said that Srinagar Central Jail 350, Sub-Jail Baramulla 150, District jail Kupwara 100, District Jail Islamabad 120, District Jail Kuthwa 320, District Jail Kotbalwal 350, Hira Nagar Jail 20, Amphala Jail 75, District Jail Poonch 20, District Jail Udhampur 225, District Jail Kishtwar 50, Children Jail Harwan 60, Tihar Jail Delhi 75, Jodhpur Jail 10, Bangloru Jail 5, Gujarat Jail 2, Varanasi Jail UP 7, Agra Jail 4 and other police stations and interrogation centers 1500 and under PSA 600 are arrested. According the reports from reliable sources worst repression and torture centers are Rajbagh, Pulwama, Kulgam, Nowhata, Baramulla, Shopian and Kupwara where the concerned authorities, especially SHOs of these police stations and jails are acting as brutish face of the puppet regime, disobeying and molesting their own laws and regulations, jeopardizing, endangering and threatening not only the future of the prisoners but their lives as well.
Leaders said that more the degree of ruthlessness, beastliness and meanness of these authorities more rewards and perks they are eligible to, by their political stooges. Leaders while strongly concerned about the plight of those languishing in the jails outside valley said that anti-Muslim and biased jail staff fuelled by the venomous propaganda of “Hindutiva Parcharkers” try every weapon in their armory of hate to harass and physically insult the prisoners. Younger ones are deliberately kept with hardcore criminals endangering their life.
They said that proper medical aid and other facilities they are eligible to, according to the jail manual, are completely denied. Filthy and foul-smelling food full of rock-grains and worms is supplied to the inmates slowly poising them to death under the willful and dirty veil of their super nationalism. Leaders anguished over the plight of those in jails for decades together, said that lazy and slow pace of judiciary, hatred and apathy by the police & bureaucracy and the criminal silence of the champions of the human rights, has traumatized and put, not only these inmates in a macabre situation but their families as well.
They said their families after spending hefty sums on travel to these far off places to meet their dear ones, are humiliated and terrified on the pretext of judiciary orders and other documents. Pro-freedom leadership said that, not to talk of international laws, Geneva or UN charters regarding the prisoners especially political, those every time and everywhere swearing and promising to uphold a law and constitution, themselves tarnish, molest and blemish them, only to slake and assuage the thirst of their unending hatred.
Joint resistance leadership said that local government and its bureaucratic yes-men have already sold out their conscience— but still if somebody in the shape and skin of a human being amongst these stooges have some relic of their worth left in them they, on mere humanitarian grounds, should treat these prisoners as humans—as uniforms, armory and the legal impunity can’t ensure their safety for too long and surely these cruel and crude men in uniform will succumb to the burden of their own conscience and will collapse.