Geelani condemns arrest, slapping of PSA on TeH leader

  • State, Published on: Saturday 19th November 16 - 8:32pm

‘Police is our own force, its roots, branches are spread throughout State’

Srinagar: Strongly condemning the arrest and slapping of PSA on Tehreek-e-Hurriyat leader Mir Hafizullah, chairman Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani said that being active political worker, he was on the forefront of the ongoing uprising for the last 4 months, leading the peaceful and non-violent demonstrations throughout South Kashmir. But police and local administration being the local tools in the hands of Indian brutality have declared him as wanted offender, his house ransacked and relatives put behind bars. When these acts of repression failed to deter him from the freedom struggle, these stooges and beasts in uniform hatched a conspiracy of camouflaging to get to him.
In a statement issued to Global Kashmir, Hurriyat (G) chairman said that these armed cowards have their image so mutilated and disfigured that they can’t face the public and their uniform is socked in our blood to the extent that they fear for their lives, putting it on. Pro-freedom leader said that these yes-men of India imperialism and local collaborators deceivingly captured their prey.
Geelani said that although the police is our own force and its roots and branches are spread throughout the state—they owe a great responsibility of honoring their might, uniform and weaponry, lest they are in line with these perpetrators. He said that most of the police personnel are performing their duties with utmost responsibility and within the ambit of rule of law—but some black sheep in the human shape and skin act as the notorious blood suckers of their own people—giving the worst name and malicious fame to the whole department.
Commenting on the disturbing reports of torture, Geelani said that Incharge police officers of various police stations subject their inmates to the ruthless beatings, abusing and humiliating to prove themselves as “more hyper nationalist” than the Indian fascists. Citing the example of police station Rajbagh, chairman said that the said SHO plucks the body hair of youth and beats then to pulp. In a similar case the SP Sopore Harmeet Singh is after every pro-freedom person like a wild beast and a violent psychopath. Likewise SP Baramulla Imtiyaz Hussian has turned the life of the people hell in Baramulla with long and insulting crackdowns in this chilly cold.
Pro-freedom leader said that SHO Bijbihara Arshad Khan is a nascence on the face of police department. He has not even spared females and thrashed them for raising their voice against its high headedness and vandalism.
Hurriyat (G) chairman while reminding the police the incident of NIT Srinagar, said a slight lathi-charge on the outside students in the institute was projected and condemned by Indian politicians and their paid media, in such a brazen way that it almost culminated in scarping J&K police of their powers and replacing them with Indian armed forces thereby dashing all their “loyalties and devotion” to the ground. Even the notorious and disgraceful role played by the police in curbing the armed struggle was not hailed. He further said that even if Kashmir police butchers the entire nation in one go, Indians will never repose their trust in them, which needs a cool headed introspection at the earliest lest it may be too late for them to mend.