Shiv Shakti Sena stage protest against Pakistan & Centre Government

  • State, Published on: Tuesday 2nd May 17 - 8:51pm

Jammu: Shiv Shakti Sena, J&K staged a Protest demonstration on 02.05.2017 at Janipur Main Stop, Near Saugat (PNB), Jammu against the Pakistan Govt, and Pak Army (especially Pak BAT force), as per statement to Global Kashmir Shiv Shakti Sena says that BAT has cowardly attacked on the two Indian soldiers near the Border and brutally killed them.


Shiv Shakti Sena, J&K alongwith Party workers and general public in the Protest Demonstration raised slogans against the Central Govt, which has totally failed to put a check upon such provocative acts on the part of Pak Army and especially by BAT Force, who are daring to commit such heinous crimes.


As per statement Mr. Gupta recalled the present Govt, in Centre, espectially Smt. Sushma Swaraj, who in one such incident in the year 2013, challenged the then Govt, to bring at least 20 heads of Pak Army soldiers, against the spearheading of two brave Indian soldiers by Pak Army at that time. But now what the present Govt, has done to take revenge of these two Indian soldiers , whose heads have been removed by the PAK BAT Force.


Statement added that Sh. Rakesh Gupta , President, Shiv Shakti Sena, J&K, while criticising the present Govt, in Centre, as well as State Govt, strongly resented to the shameful act of Pak Force in which two Indian soldiers lost their lives at Poonch (Krishna Ghati), and they have also cut the heads of these soldiers.


Sh. Gupta warned Pakistan to avoid such inhuman activities, otherwise Pakistan will vanish from the World Map and it will be bifurcated in to pieces.


Sh. Gupta, warned the State Govt. & Central Govt, especially Mehbooba Mufti and Sh. Narendra Modi to take hard and immediate action to stop Pakistan from doing such misdeeds.


Sh. Gupta also took up the issue regarding killing of 07 persons including 05Army men and 02 Bank Employees by militants in Kashmir who looted the Bank Cash Van.


Sh. Gupta burnt the National Flag of Pakistan and warned Pakistan to avoid such heinous acts so as to restore peace and normalcy in this sub-continent which is beneficial for the progress of both the countries.


The Protest demonstration was led by Mr. Gupta and attended by a large gathering comprising of S/Sh. Shiv Deep Gupta, Sat Pal Sharma, , Ashwani Gupta, Kaka,  Rahul Gupta, Aman Kumar and others.