Hurriyat (G) condemns firing, shelling on funeral procession of Rizwan

  • State, Published on: Tuesday 15th November 16 - 8:29pm

‘Forcing students to appear in exams is a shameful defeat’

Srinagar: Condemning the killing of 21 year old Rizwan of Noorbagh firing and shelling on the funeral procession, injuring scores of mourners, Hurriyat Conference (G) said that blood thirst of Indian forces is not quenched by killing by bullets & pellets and they run over youth in road traffic accidents as well.
In a statement issued to KNS, Hurriyat (G) said that it is bizarre that forces use every method and occasion for the bloodshed of innocents and using force against the mourners by the rude forces and barbaric police has become the routine and in the arrogance and might of their power they molest their own legal and ethical norms and are recognized as the beasts and rogues in uniform.
Hurriyat said that this may be the only place where people carrying the coffins of their loved ones and those parroting the peace rhetoric, despite the bloodshed everywhere, act willingly as blinds to the real and basic issue.
Hurriyat said that we are peace loving people and our peace has been disturbed and tarnished none other than these stooges and their forces.
Commenting over the “calendars from resistance camp not effecting government functioning’’ Hurriyat Conference (G) said that when people occupying the chairs have their minds and souls sold out, when the bloodbath of innocents doesn’t even slightly shake them, when students and their career is used for their petty and mean political gains, when every ethical and moral value is rejected by their arrogance, when so-called highly educated and “intellectuals” wishfully and proudly act as turncoats, when joining hands with those openly claiming India to be Hindu Rashtra, when a butcher of 3000 Muslims in Gujarat is hugged with enthusiasm, when the uprising against the brutality is humiliatingly termed as a “joke”, when people from 14 to 80 years are caged and tortured in police stations and interrogation centers, when even those whose hands are drenched in the blood of innocents claim to be the loudest voices of human rights— then even a loud thunder, a sorrowful cry and peaceful protests can no longer shake the conscience of these beasts in human skin, the ear piercing yell fails to turn their head and there tearful eyes of our veiling mothers fall short of melting their stony hearts.
Hurriyat said that forcing students to appear in exams in army garrisons and these celebrating their victory is nothing but a shameful defeat of these faceless henchmen.
Hurriyat said these traitors and their cowardice acts can no longer sustain and protract these collaborators humiliating but profitable business for too long and they will be forced to hide themselves in their own society.