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The Other Side of Turbulent Kashmir


Sheikh Arshid Ahmad


The valley of Kashmir surrounded by great mountain ranges shows its pristine natural beauty. It has gained a name of most popular attractive place where everyone wants to go to enjoy its beauty. From every corner of the world a swarm of tourists has been getting attracted towards its natural beauty when it is in full bloom.


Kashmir is painted with a unique culture and we get a sense of it when we travel to different tourist places or other destinations. Most courteous culture can be observed by travelers when they are on move from Srinagar to different places of the valley. Kashmir has a variety of landforms pegged with snow-capped mountains, patched with coniferous trees, glacier fed rivers flow with calm and murmuring water and green meadows unleash the beauty of Kashmir more and more. There are fields of saffron and orchards of apples awaiting their full bloom in the spring season and reveal their full beauty to all people of Kashmir and tourists. They have a variety of flowers diffusing fragrance in air, everybody smelling it with deep breath to refresh their body. Travelers wait and wait, get hanged on seeing the beauty, photographers attempt to do justice to catch every beauty in their cameras, getting prints out, frame them and hanging the pictures in shops, houses, schools, and even cars. Beauty of Kashmir lies not only in bounties of nature but also shows peace and humanity on which nature believes. If we see the middle of valley it is bestowed with more natural beauty. Nothing can be more soothing than this natural beauty. The chilling waters of Dal Lake, floating with array of boats and Shikara, the beautiful and numerous variety of deciduous trees bow down their apices to touch smooth flow of water that promise a colorful show for tourists travelling in boats and Shikaras.


The weather in Kashmir is an experience of its own beauty, giving tourists every way to enjoy the visit to the valley. In winter the snow covered plains glitter and the snow capped mountains present a beautiful picturesque. Tourists enjoy playing with flakes of snow, making snow balls to throw on each other and ensure to catching these moments in cameras. In the autumn season when the leaves fall from the trees they come down in a zigzag ways on the ground, producing a golden coverage. A walk in such an ambience gives even better look. In Kashmir we call it “Harud”, a season when people are engaged in different jobs of collecting yields to prepare for onset of winter season. The Valley shows it’s epitome of culture to make it more memorable for the tourists. People in villages are engaged in their arts and crafts earning their livelihood. Overall beauty of Kashmir shows its own approach to peace, prosperity, humanity and people who are living there are more peaceful, homely and hospitable. An essence of peculiar humanity is found nowhere except in Kashmir where people even live with tourists. They have proved it when there is no single evidence of attack or inhumane act on tourists but it is the media which portray bad image of Kashmir.


Kashmir is a wonderful idea for a visitor, especially for those wishing to experience the natural beauty of Kashmir and snow. It is a must for a visitor not to keep in mind the negative picture of the Valley displayed by media time and again. At national and international level Kashmir region has been misrepresented through talks or by diplomats. But political leaders around the world have failed to understand the reality at ground level in Kashmir. The Kashmir issue is a matter of concern for India and its neighbors and requires intervention by political leadership of both the countries, India and Pakistan, and world leadership at top level, for its permanent resolution. This is an unfortunate and regrettable thing for the people of Kashmir who are not taken into confidence for resolving the political issue. Murders, rapes, killings and destructions have arisen from a factor which is clear and understood but due to force the voices are muted and muzzled and sentiments of people are slaughtered. Because of beauty, resources and imaginative paradise one can’t bear to lose the valley.

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